Monday, October 17, 2016

Why Hire a Professional Anything?

Last week I read a blog post by Nate Berkus.  You know, THE Nate Berkus, interior designer extraordinaire.  It was on the 5 perks of hiring an interior designer and I got to thinking about how that might apply to photography.  I mean, there are lots of people with a good eye, right--AND a good camera?!!

But why hire a professional anything? And in the case of photography, why hire a professional photographer?

When you hire a professional anything--plumber, interior designer, attorney, personal trainer, doctor, are hiring someone who has learned and worked their skill.  Obviously there are certain professionals that must have a formal education--I don't know about you, but when I'm having dental work done, I don't want just anyone with a pair of pliers! Most likely, professional anything have an education in their field.  They keep abreast of new trends and skills through continuing education.  They may have a degree or certification in their field that provides academic knowledge or have spent a good amount of time in an apprenticeship or internship working and learning through many years of experience, providing real world skills.

What does hiring a professional photographer for visual solutions provide?  Education and experience  of a professional provides:

The ability to deliver what you need and the ability to collaborate on a plan to get there
The ability to work with and within a budget
Someone who works with efficiency and minimal disruption
The ability to create the proper licensing terms
Someone who can meet deadlines.
Someone who can provide consistent results.
Someone who will collaborate on marketing your brand and deliver the quality that will exceed your competition's.

This is my job and I have a professional investment in your satisfaction.  Finding the right photographer can be challenging--Have more questions?  Drop me a line!

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