Monday, August 29, 2016

Editorial Corporate Headshots: How to Choose Your Images

Everyday, we are bombarded with images of all sorts.   My goal is create the ones for you that will stop the viewer in their tracks and make them want to get to know YOU.  But, how do you pick those images?

After my corporate shoots, I release a proof gallery for image selection.  I already know which images my clients should pick--they are the images that will make the viewer stop and take a second look. But images in the proof gallery are unedited so sometimes it's challenging for a client to see how great the final result will be.  To give my clients a head start, the image I choose as the proof gallery cover image is often one of my favorites and I choose it based on certain criteria:

1.  A connection--most likely with the eyes.

2.  A natural smile or laugh.  I'm not usually a fan of the smirk or a non smiling image.  It works in some cases, but I feel the better images will most likely have a smile going on.

3.  There is a sense of confidence and approachability.  That sense of "I know that person!"

4.  Communicating a bit of personality that shows though.  A sense of "realness".

5.  A simple and clean image, usually more about the person, with background filling in a few details.

When looking at your proof images, apply my criteria:  now can you see THE images?

I do understand that it's tough for most regular people to be in front of a camera--for most people, the thought of having their headshot taken is stressful--I like to joke that it's why models get paid the big bucks.

My goal is to make it as easy and as fun as possible, so that I can create that connection and capture your best images to stop people in their tracks.

See you soon!

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